Resume Mistakes One Should Avoid

Applying to numerous jobs like crazy but not getting enough responses from recruiters? Well, it’s time to analyse if you are committing some critical resume writing mistakes! Not only freshers are prone to committing common resume writing mistakes, but the most experienced professionals also make the worst mistakes in writing a perfect resume. Therefore, to ensure that you have a successful job search experience here’s a list of the most critical resume mistakes one should avoid.

1. Writing a general resume

Are you one of them who thinks that writing a broad resume helps to get more interview calls? If yes, you need to think about it again. Recruiters give not more than 6 seconds to any resume if it doesn’t highlight or focus on the key skills he/she is looking for. Writing a precise resume with keywords related to a job opening reduces the chances of going your resume into the trash.

2. Speaking in the First Person

Using the first person, i.e., “me” or “I” should be avoided in a resume. Instead of speaking in the first person, prefer using action words and power verbs. First-person can preferably be written in email communications.

3. Lying and sharing false information

Never lie in your resume, the chances are high that your candidature will be canceled at any stage of selection upon complete background verification.

4. Writing in the passive voice

A passive voice makes a sentence evasive and represents a bad resume. Therefore, we suggest you write your resume using an active voice to make it more impactful and professional.

For example:

Passive voice: ISO Certification process was spearheaded by me.

Active voice: Spearheaded ISO Certification process.

5. Using jargons and buzzwords

Your resume should be simple and easy to understand. Focusing on using industry jargons and buzzwords makes the information you share more complex. Therefore, we suggest you stick to a standard language and adding job-related keywords.

6. Making a wrong choice of font

Choosing an appropriate font style works a great deal in making your resume look professional and impactful. Therefore, use a font that makes it look clean such as Arial and Times New Roman. Apart from font style, font size is also important. A font size of 10 to 12 is the right choice to make your resume appear clean and readable.

So, are you also committing these mistakes? If yes, ensure not to repeat them.

When writing a resume, anyone can commit one or the other mistake that makes your resume look weak in front of recruiters. Therefore, the simplest way to avoid any crucial resume writing mistakes is to use My Online Status resume tool and create an impressive resume for a job in minutes.

All the Best!!!
Madhan G