Innovative and Extended Means of Learning Beyond the Classroom

The last decade has seen the development of information technology in every field. One of its greatest impacts is on the education sector where information technology has played a critical role in the teaching-learning process. Moreover, the pandemic drove the shift to online or virtual learning with students across the globe shifting away from the traditional ways of learning.

Makes education more accessible

This online education is giving an opportunity for students to learn beyond the norm. Students now have access to a plethora of topics and experts in multiple subjects. With the growing breadth of learning space, blogs have emerged as a helpful educational tool for students to supplement their curriculum. It allows students the ability to interact in a public venue and be receptive to multiple thoughts, ideas, innovations, and interpretations for every topic.

As e-learning tools, blogs on multiple topics and subjects have paved the way for students to continue learning outside the classroom. They help them connect to diverse opinions and interests, which in turn cultivates the habit of critical thinking at an early age. Most importantly, blogs make complex concepts accessible to students and make it easier to share knowledge and information. It reinforces the positive effects of technology in teaching, and leverages them further to the benefits of the students. It promotes autonomous learning and renders them less dependent on traditional learning sources or scholastic opportunities available. It also encourages discussion among peers and friend groups, which prove to be a beneficial source of engagement beyond the classroom.

Cultivates critical and analytical thinking

Blogs bring an advantage to the domain of education by helping students to understand the very essence of their learning material. This opens up space for them to analyze and criticize all aspects related to a topic. Therefore, it not only supports comprehension of difficult topics but also encourages analytical thought. Such skills are extremely beneficial for students when they tread towards their future in professional endeavors.

Renders an engaging learning environment

Perhaps the greatest advantage of blogs is their ability to enable an asynchronous mode of interaction among students about concepts taught in classrooms. By providing supplementary space through online blogs for students to learn, it opens doors for alternatives of engagement in learning methods. Additionally, it helps students to learn as much as they want and at their own pace in an environment that is not mediated by the educator. This is particularly helpful for students in higher education who are looking to explore different interests in their professional path. It gives them access to knowledge materials outside their coursework and shapes their skills in line with their interest.

Encourages diverse learning methods

Additionally, blogs give an opportunity for students to explore their learning styles. Teachers and professors often cannot afford to cater to each individual student and tailor their teaching material to benefit each of them. Blogs, by using videos and images extend the benefits of turning education into a more communicative and interactive mode of learning. The idea is that students can match their preferred or suited style and expand independently on topics taught in classrooms from thereon. This helps students break away from a normative approach to learning in the classrooms and get access to different styles of building on their knowledge.

Some researchers note that the very design of the blog structure through hypertext renders a dynamic learning environment- opening up multiple possibilities for students everywhere. It gives a direction outside the routine of textbooks and helps students engage better with the educational material. Having said this, more schools and colleges should opt for blogs and consider them as an alternative and more innovative means to instill students with research and information fluency.

Team | MyOSin