Showcase Your Strengths Creatively with a Video Resume

Ever wondered how can you distinguish your application among hundreds of others who apply? Sometimes, long and formal-looking resumes end up at the bottom of the pile, while the more creative ones get noticed. That’s why unconventional resume formats are a rising trend today. One such unique format is video resumes. It’s a great tool to help you stand out in the competitive job market.

Video resumes are generally short videos of 30 to 90 seconds, where you can show your personality, emphasize your skills, and most importantly create a great first impression. It makes it easy for the recruiter to judge the applicant, by the way you speak, your facial expression, body language as well as your creativity and anything that speeds up their process. So it definitely rakes in some unexpected brownie points.

Once a recruiter sees a video in his pile of resumes, his curiosity will definitely be piqued, and he will want to take a look at it. Hundred words and images may present a person in a good light, but when the applicant speaks, they get to present themselves better. It is, however, mainly intended to supplement your print resume or cover letter. They help you customize your profile and target a particular position.

Why you should create a video resume

In a time when everyone’s attention span is falling, the video resume is a perfect way to get your message swiftly. Even if you are someone who is not comfortable filming yourself, worry not. You can market yourself creatively with compelling visuals and animations. If you are in the creative industry, it gives you even more reason to create a video resume!

How to structure your video resume?

– Introduce yourself:

Start your resume with a brief introduction about yourself. Give the employers a general sense of your educational and professional background.

– Describe what type of professional you are:

Are you an expert with years of experience or a fresh graduate starting on your professional journey? Add your previous work or academic experiences to highlight your fit for the job role.

– Specify your interests or passion:

Employers like to hear what interest motivates you and see how that can help you contribute to the job. This sets the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your skill sets. For instance, are you someone who thrives in performance-based roles like ensuring product execution or service delivery? Incorporate action shots by taking the viewers through the process of your approach towards the job requirement.

– Add your accomplishments:

Strengthen your profile with your accomplishments and validating them with social proofs. Quote recommendations from your previous manager or client if you can. It will give the resume a personal touch and boost your profile among many others.

– Conclude:

Finally, wrap up with a closing note on where can the potential recruiters reach you to take the discussions forward.

Tips to remember while crafting a video resume

– Plan on how you want your resume to look

Do you want to sit in? Is your background professional? Do you have the necessary props in case you plan to include action shots? It is always helpful to map out the video and prepare a script as per the resume structure. If you want your video resume to be more natural and not seem rehearsed, note down your points in bullet points,and treat them as prompts when you start speaking. Your main objective should always be focused on conveying your goals, skills, and accomplishments clearly.

– Choose a recording device

 If you are recording yourself for the resume, choose a device that you are most comfortable with. It could be your smartphone, tablet, computer, or camera. Make sure that the visuals are of high quality and your speech is clear.

– Show, don’t tell

This is specifically crucial for animated videos. Ensure that you grab this opportunity to showcase the skills or software that you have mentioned in your resume.

– Discuss an element that is not in your application

 Since the video resumes are meant to add to your print resume, make sure you include elements that you could not include in your print resume. Treat this as a chance to fill the gaps and stitch your story together. It could be a specific skill related to the position or a hobby that will help you excel at work. But don’t forget to keep it brief. Focus on a single additional skill or interest that can effectively push the client to take an interest in your application.

– Iterate but don’t repeat 

If you are recording yourself, do it multiple times such that you can choose your best takes for the final video. Show your drafts to your friends or family and incorporate the feedback that you get from them. Finally, choose the one where you appear comfortable, engaged, and confident throughout.

It is true that you can do a lot in your printed resume however; the scope remains limited. A video resume is much more flexible, credible and creative. When made well, it can set you apart in the competitive market and improve your chances of receiving the final interview call. So, put on your thinking cap, get started with filming a video resume and start whipping your interview skills into shape right. It’s time to let your creativity Shine.

Team | MyOSin